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Meet 'Vincent'

Peter Vincent Joyce was a great man. Loving, compassionate, patient and kind, he was a remarkable human being who was ultimately too beautiful for this world.


He loved reading Sci-Fi, listening to music, baking, sitting in the sun and spending time with his grandchildren.

He is the father of founder and owner Alyson Joyce. 

He left this realm for the next in November of 2019.

He is missed every moment of every day.

'My father was the definition of unconditional love. He is at the core of everything I do. Through his love, I am able to be who I was always meant to be - myself'. 

- AJ



When founder and owner Alyson (AJ)  moved back to Brisbane in 2019, she was shocked to see the lack of diversity still widespread within the creative arts community.

AJ established BIPOC Arts Australia in 2020, a business venture created to help rectify this lack of diversity in the Australian arts industry.

Since then, she has been patiently waiting for the universe to guide her to the right space. A space to house both BIPOC Arts Australia and to support all creatives.

House of Vincent is that space. A stunning space that can be utilised for all types of arts. From photography, to video, live painting to intimate gigs. 

This space is for creative souls with a particular focus on BIPOC.

"The moment I walked into this space I knew. I'm so grateful to be able to share this incredible space with creatives. I look forward to seeing all the incredible projects that House of Vincent will support"


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