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House of Vincent is the creative home of BIPOC Arts Australia. Therefore, we maintain an equity price model to actively support marginalised groups in our community: Bla(ck), Indigenous and People of Colour.

This pricing model points to our efforts to dismantle structural racism, oppression and years of limited access to resources fuelled by inequality. If you are BIPOC, please contact us for rates.

*While we firmly believe that true reparations are to be made by the entities that plundered in order to gain power, micro-reparations in the name of solidarity, not charity, like these stand to gesture towards ways we can create more access for our BIPOC creatives.

We understand that no one is born with an in-depth understanding of oppression, and yet, as we know better and are members of the BIPOC community, we commit to doing all we can to support our community.

We are always learning and evolving and we dedicate ourselves to being as harm-reductive as possible in order to provide safe spaces for our community.


$70 per hour

Perfect for short shoots, meetings, rehearsal and more!

(Not including GST)

$210 4hr usage

Great for longer shoots. Starting times are 8am and 1pm

(Not including GST)


$350 8hr usage

Spend the day in our beautiful space. Start times vary depending on requirement.

(Not including GST)

*Text adapted from Beloved Emergence

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